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Equity, Troika Still Negotiating "Jolson" Contract

Actors' Equity has taken the unusual step of using the media to caution members who are negotiating for work on the tour of "Jolson" with the non-Equity-affiliated Troika Organization.

According to Equity's Carol Waaser, some actors are receiving offers even though the union has yet to finalize contract levels with the producer.

"There is no agreement, so we haven't agreed on what the minimum salary would be," Waaser said. "We don't know what Troika is basing these offers on. As far as what we've heard, these offers have been for salary levels below what we would seek as the minimum."

Waaser said that Troika has been moving more and more into the full week market as opposed to one night stands.

Negotiations began in April and were expected to continue.

The Troika Organization was contacted for comment. A spokesperson told Back Stage, "We are in active negotiations with Equity and are hopeful that we will reach an agreement within the next week."

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