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"Every performer should have a web page somewhere.

"Every performer should have a web page somewhere. It doesn't have to be fancy, but it should have your picture and resume on it." – Charles Machalicky, founder ONStage—The Actor's Resource

"Everyone should have a cell phone—God, I never thought I would say that!" – Ted Zurkowski, Artistic Director of The Frog & Peach Theatre Company

"Generally, you should have some sort of system that alerts you if somebody wants to get in touch with you. You should be able to be back in touch with that person 15-20 minutes later." – Ross Mondschain, casting director at ROSSMON Casting & Talent Relations

"If you are touring, a laptop is the only way to go." – Louis Colaiacovo, actor

"When cell phones or pagers are in out of service areas, it's frustrating. Actors need a second number—that's when voice mail is recommended. A machine at home is good as well" – Eileen Haves, agent at Acme Talent & Literary

"Cell phones incorporate the functionality of pagers and are getting cheaper every month. If you can afford $50 a month, they are the way to go." – Charles Machalicky

"E-mail is accessible anywhere in the world. It's great for keeping agents and casting directors apprised of your activities. The only rule is: Never spam." – Charles Machalicky

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