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Fatal Attraction: A Greek Tragedy

From the audience reaction to "Fatal Attraction: A Greek Tragedy," it appears that the stage parody may have as much of a following as the 1987 Adrian Lyne film. Staged by Timothy Haskell, who also directed the stage version of another cult film, "Road House," two seasons ago, this vehicle is more sophisticated, slick, and professional. Ironically, this thriller about the repercussions of an erring husband's one-night adultery runs a swift 45 minutes shorter than the original movie.

The other news is that the production stars film actor Corey Feldman in his stage debut as "Michael Douglas." In the script by Alana McNair and Kate Wilkinson (who both appear in the play), the four main characters are named for the performers who played them in the movie. This stage parody also includes a Greek chorus of four, who comment on the action with lines taken from tragedies by Euripides and century-old etiquette manuals and also play all the minor characters.

This amusing adaptation resembles a "Saturday Night Live" sketch expanded to a whole evening. All the key scenes are dramatized, along with a nightmare ballet and an opening sequence that pillories the film's well-known ending. However, the play's parody isn't quite as trenchant as it might be.

Paul Smithyman's clever set, which incorporates elements of a classical Greek amphitheatre, has the two apartments side by side and uses the forestage for linking scenes. Rod Kinter's fight choreography is one of the play's strong points.

Feldman uses an artificial baritone in order to mimic the real Michael Douglas, which palls after a while. On the other hand, Wilkinson as an always-cheerful Anne Archer and McNair as an even crazier Glenn Close are hilarious throughout. Aaron Haskell is inspired as Ellen Hamilton Latzen, who played the film's androgynous daughter.

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