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Best Ever (Thriller)

(Start Aug. 26) Shooting in Los Angeles; Best Ever, L.L.C., 4120 Burbank Blvd. Burbank, CA, 91505; Prd., Jack Niven; Dir., Marlene Davis; LinePrd., Al Humphrey; UPM, Robert Lowell

Diamond Dead (Comedy/Musical/Horror)

(Start Nov. 4) Shooting in Munich, Germany; AG Prods./Perathon, 11570 Dona Evita Dr. Studio City, CA, 91604 - 323-822-1957, Fax: 323-822-1959; ExPrd., Richard Hartley; Prd., Andrew Gaty, Joseph Vilsmaier; Dir., Sean Travis; DP, Peter von Haller; UPM, Sylvia Tollmann; PrdDsgn., Rolf Zehetbauer; Music, Richard Hartley; Cstg., Jeffery Passero

Films in


Greenpoint Tavern (Drama)

(Start July 18) Shooting in New York; Cheap Shot Prods., 170 India St. Brooklyn, NY, 11222 - 212-456-4199, Fax: 212-864-7266; Prd., Sean Lynch; Dir., Parker Cross; DP, Jeff Eplett; LinePrd., Julie Gonthier; AD, Michael Medder

Rogues (Thriller)

(Start July 22) Shooting in Los Angeles, Santa Barbara; Rogues Films, L.L.C., P.O. Box 61611 Santa Barbara, CA, 93160 - 805-685-6910, Fax: 805-685-6910; Cast: Ann T. Allen, Jack Larson; Prd., Laurel Moje Wetzork; AsPrd., Catherine Lane; Dir., Laurel Moje Wetzork; Scr., Laurel Moje Wetzork; AD, Farnaz Samiinia; Publ., Debbie Bolsky

Robbery 101: A common man's guide to armed robbery (Action/Thriller)

(Start July 31) Shooting in Florida; Archangel Films, L.L.C., 3633 Poinciana Ave. Miami, FL, 33133 - 305-445-9977, Fax: 305-448-9725; Prd., Dr. William S. Russell; Dir., Rafael Gomez-Cabrera; Scr., Rafael Gomez-Cabrera; DP, Matthew Boyd; UPM, Bill Russell; AD, Mitch Bennett; Snd., Daniel Guerra; Music, Henry Sanchez

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