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Six Niggas in a Cadillac (Comedy/Drama)

(Start Oct. 15) Shooting in Connecticut; Lightning Entertainment/Six Niggas in a Cadillac, LLC., 31 Cedarland Ct. Cromwell, CT, 06416 - 860-632-5670, Fax: 860-246-3906; Cast: Robert McKay, Conrad Hilton, Abu Bakr Salahu-Din, Juvon Vinters, John Lopes, Tim Little; Prd., Michael Jude Murphy; AsPrd., Adam Malecki; Dir., Michael Jude Murphy; DP, Peter Pearce, Rene Rios; Ed., Joe Ed Casares; AD, Jeremy Mullin; Cstg., Darrell Sullvin

The World is Yours (Drama)

(Start Oct. 15) Shooting in Los Angeles, Las Vegas; Eternal Filmgroup, 1925 Century Park East, Ste. 500, Los Angeles, CA, 90067; Prd., Ray Izad-Mehr, L. Trammel; Dir., L. Trammel; Scr., Coach; AD, F. Yazdani

Short Term Memory (Comedy/Drama)

(Start Oct. 18) Shooting in Long Island, NY; STM Film, LLC., 5 Brewster St., No. 105, Glen Cove, NY, 11542; Cast: Dan Lauria, Donna Casey; ExPrd., Julie Sageer; Prd., Julie Sageer; CoPrd., Donna McKenna; Dir., Christopher Wells; Scr., Christopher Wells; DP, Colin Bressler; Ed., Valerie Junge; PrdDsgn., Michele Catalano; Cstg., Donna McKenna

Latter Days (Drama)

(Start Oct. 21) Shooting in California; Funny Boy Films, 346 N. Detroit Los Angeles, CA, 90036, Fax: 323-954-9553; ExPrd., Scott Zimmerman; Prd., Kirkland Tibbels; CoPrd., Jennifer Schaefer; Dir., C.J. Cox; Scr., C.J. Cox; PrdDsgn., Chris Anthony Miller; Cstg., Dan Shaner, Michael Testa

The Lost Girl Society (Horror/Thriller)

(Start Nov. 8) Shooting in Los Angeles, Arizona; Layon Entertainment Group, 3102 6th Ave. Los Angeles, CA, 90018 - 323-288-3091, Fax: 775-252-0907; Cast: Layon Gray, Melinda Rochelle, Jana Williams, Lisa Basada, Carmen Perez, Colleen Oneill; Prd., Layon Gray; CoPrd., Royce Allen Dudley; Dir., Layon Gray; Scr., Layon Gray; DP, Royce Allen Dudley; AD, Lawrence Howard Williams; Set, Christopher Carrington; Cstg., Karrie Moore

Legally Blonde 2: Red, White & Blonde (Comedy)

(Start November) MGM/Type A Films, 2500 Broadway St. Santa Monica, CA, 90404; Cast: Reese Witherspoon; Prd., Marc E. Platt, Reese Witherspoon; Scr., Eve Ahlert, Dennis Drake; U.S. Dstrb, MGM

Bluff Creek (Horror)

(Start Dec. 1) Shooting in Los Angeles; Providence Prods., P.O. Box 46063 Los Angeles, CA, 90046, Fax: 323-876-6447; Prd., Stephen Polk, Paul Rosenberg; CoPrd., Patrick Fraleigh; AsPrd., Troy Westergaard; Dir., Jay Randall Nuzum; Scr., Jay Randall Nuzum, Stephen Polk; DP, Keith Collea, Darko Suvak; Cstg., Patrick Cunningham

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