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Fringe Conference Held in Victoria

The seventh annual confab of North American Fringe Festivals will be held Nov. 14, 15, and 16 at the Open Space Gallery (150 Fort. St.) in Victoria, British Columbia.

Producers from 20 fringe festivals are expected to attend, including representatives from Orlando, Minneapolis, San Francisco, Chicago, New York, Edmonton, Toronto, Montreal, and Ottawa. This is a two-fold increase over the 10 festivals which participated in last year's event.

Steve White, producer of the Victoria Fringe Festival, said that attendees would discuss a variety of topics, including: new initiatives used by the various festivals, how to achieve better security, national corporate sponsorship, and how to improve artist services.

White said the U.S. participants would also talk about forming themselves into a set circuit of events, timed one after another. "In the next 10 years, one of the trends we're going to see is a proliferation of fringe festivals in the U.S.," White predicted. The Canadian Association of Fringe Festivals (CAF) has already established

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