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Byron Crowley (prod./dir.) will hold auditions for Girl Meets Boy, a digital film about drug addiction. Shoot starts Feb. 24. Credit provided. There is pay.

Breakdown—Mimi: African-American, 25-30, dark to light skin, 5'5"-5'9", confident, creative, advertising executive; Kyle: Caucasian, 6'0"-6'2", wears Western attire, John Wayne manner; Ben: Caucasian, 40-45, 5'9"-6'1", medium to thin build, precise, piano player, fast talker when excited; Chase: African-American, 30-35, light to dark skin, cool, friendly, 5'9"-6'2", guitar player, braided hair a plus; Vivian: African-American, caring, strong will, runs rehab facility; Tiny: Latino, 5'5"-5'10", heavy, big, nice, quick temper, speaks with accent, plays conga drums; Merle: African-American, 35-40, hyper when he doesn't get his way, insurance executive; Every Ready: African-American, 20-25, 5'9"-5'10", relaxed but careful manner, dope dealer; Susan White: 22-28, Mimi's assistant; Jay: African-American, 25-50, junkie, thug; Too Real: 35-50, like his name, tells it like it is, Ice-T type; Helen: African-American, 25-35, heavyset, cheerful, rehab patient; Bob: 20-25, well built, confident, Marine, Mimi's younger brother; Mr. Dane: Caucasian, 50-60, Southern type manner, automotive executive; Duke: Caucasian, 22-25, Southern type manner, Mr. Dane's son; Female: African-American, new to rehab; Male and female: African-American, 5-7; Mrs. Garcia: Latina, 50-60, steel executive's wife; Barnardo: Latino, 30-35, dark hair, assertive, Mrs. Garcia's son; Carlos: Latino, 25-30, dark hair, assertive, Mrs. Garcia's son; Male: African-American, 20-30, rapper; Louis: African-American, 35-40, house commander in drug rehab facility; Male: Caucasian, 55-60, Jewish, pawn shop owner; Male: Caucasian, Jewish, pawn shop owner's son, in fight scene; Ming: Asian, 25-30.

Bring pix & resumé.

Auditions will be held by appt. only Feb. 13-20. For information and/or to schedule an audition appt. call (213) 553-9110. NON-UNION.

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