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"Grease," euro tour

11/17 at 10AM, 12noon, and 2PM at Stepping Out, 1780 Broadway, 4th fl., NYC.

WB Concerts is holding auditions for replacements for its European production of "Grease," on Fri. Nov. 17 at 10AM for an open chorus call for female dancers who sing and female singers who dance (belt to high C); 12noon for open chorus call for male dancers who sing and male singers who dance (high F in full voice, some parts require strong falsetto); and 2PM for an open principal call at Stepping Out, 1780 Broadway (at 57th St.), 4th fl., NYC. Seeking all speaking parts (who look like high school students and are legally 18 years old), whose age range is listed below. David Gilmore, dir. Rehearsals in Europe TBA. All chorus parts must understudy principal roles. Contract, salary, and accommodations provided. Ethnic performers urged to attend. Bring pix & resumes, dance clothes, and appropriate sheet music. Seeking—Danny: leader of the Burger Palace Boys, well-built, nice-looking, with an air of cool easy going charm, strong and confident, high rock 'n' roll baritone with strong falsetto, must dance; Sandy: Danny's love interest, sweet, wholesome, naïve, cute as a button, sweet lyric soprano with R&R edge, high belt to D or E flat; Rizzo: leader of the Pink Ladies, tough, sarcastic, outspoken, Italian with unconventional looks, a hot girl and she knows it; Frenchy: female, a dreamer, good-natured and dumb, can't wait to finish school so she can be a beautician; Marty: female, the beauty of the Pink Ladies, pretty, looks older than the other girls, tries to act sophisticated but fails; Jan: female, chubby, compulsive eater, loud and pushy with the girls but shy with boys; Kenickie: male, second in command of the Burger Palace Boys, tough-looking, surly, avoids any show of softness, off-beat sense of humor, Rizzo's boyfriend; Roger: male, the "anything for a laugh" chubby type, Jan's boyfriend, full of mischief, a clown who enjoys putting other people on, tenor; Doody: youngest of the guys, small, boyish, open, with a disarming smile and a hero-worshipping attitude towards the other guys, helpful if he can play guitar, should be a tenor; Sonny: Italian-looking male with shiny black hair and dark oily skin, braggart, wheeler-dealer, thinks he's a lady killer but doesn't have a clue; Patty: female high school cheerleader, must be a good dancer, attractive and athletic, aggressive, sure of herself, catty but in an all-American sort of way, should be able to twirl a baton or pom-poms; Cha-Cha: female, Hispanic, hot-blooded type, moves well; Eugene: male, class valedictorian, straight-A student, must be a good dancer, an apple polisher, smug and pompous but very gullible, on the tall side; Vince Fontaine: early 20s to 30s, typical teen audience disc jockey, slick, egotistical, fast-talking, veteran greaser; Teen Angel: must have excellent singing voice with a falsetto, a singer who could have caused the girls to scream and riot, also plays Johnny Casino; Miss Lynch: spinster, school teacher, 40-50s.

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