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'Hangover II' Becomes Biggest R-Rated Comedy Ever

'Hangover II' Becomes Biggest R-Rated Comedy Ever
Photo Source: Warner Bros. Pictures
Gone are the days when American comedies didn't travel.

Over the weekend, Warner Bros.' "The Hangover Part II" grew its worldwide box office total to $488.7 million -- surpassing the $467.5 million earned by the original film to become the biggest R-rated comedy of all time.

The big surprise is the film's international performance.

Through Sunday, "Hangover II"'s international gross was $256 million, while it has earned $232.7 million so far in North America.

Internationally, the biggest territories include the U.K. ($48 million), Germany ($31.5 million) and Australia ($30.4 million).

The first "Hangover" grossed $190.2 million internationally, and $277.3 million domestically.

"Hangover II" is by no means close to being finished, and still has Spain and Japan yet to open. And domestically, it's still high up on the top 10 chart, coming in No. 5 over Father's Day weekend.

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