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'Hangover III' CD and Others Set for SAG Foundation Talk

'Hangover III' CD and Others Set for SAG Foundation Talk

Getting in the room with top casting directors ranks as an achievement for many actors. Now it's only a mouse click away. As part of its LifeRaft series, the Screen Actors Guild Foundation is livestreaming a panel of four prominent casting directors Tuesday night. 

TV and features casting director Ronna Kress ("Without a Trace," "Diary of a Wimpy Kid") and Jeanne McCarthy ("The Mindy Project," "21 Jump Street") and the feature-focused Mindy Marin ("Hangover III") and Victoria Thomas ("Django Unchained") will "share stories and anecdotes as they reflect over their careers and help provide a big picture perspective of what it is like to work with agents, managers, directors, producers, studio executives and actors," according to a release.

The event will be livestreamed here starting at 7 p.m. Pacific. Questions can be emailed to or tweeted to #SAGF. The video will be archived immediately after the event at

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