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Hollywood Book Gets Behind Scenes

Hollywood Book Gets Behind Scenes

Mandalay Entertainment head Peter Guber, whose movie credits include "Batman" and "Rain Man," says "Shoot Out: Surviving Fame and (Mis)Fortune in Hollywood," won't be what people expect.

"It's not a how-to book," Guber told an audience at the fledgling Los Angeles Film School. "It's a how-come book. How come movies get made."

Guber, a former Columbia Pictures production head, and his co-author, Variety editor Peter Bart, former vice president for production at Paramount, appeared last week as part of the Harvard Independent Film Group Lecture at the 3-year-old film school on Sunset Boulevard in Hollywood.

Bart called the book "a showbiz reality check."

In the parlance of Hollywood, a "shoot out" is a standoff or power struggle that occurs at each stage of the filmmaking process, whether it's a star demanding a bigger trailer or a director insisting on a final cut.

"You have to learn the bias of the people you work with," Guber said. "That's what they'll revert to during a shoot out."

Guber added that he wouldn't say he's in show business.

"I'm in the emotional transportation business," he said.


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