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How the Emmys Will Make History

How the Emmys Will Make History
Photo Source: ABC

At long last, the Emmy Awards are taking place this Sunday night on ABC at 7pm EST. And while nothing is for certain, we can make some educated guesses as to what will happen on television’s biggest night. For starters, I predict host Jimmy Kimmel will say at least one horribly controversial thing that people will talk about more than any of the actual winners. I also believe he will be a terrific host—funny, daring, and the furthest thing from a safe choice one can imagine. What else do I think you can expect? A quick list below.

Ed O’Neill finally takes home the gold for comedy supporting actor.
Talk to any Emmy procrastinator and they’ll either tell you that the “Modern Family” star is a shoo-in or the only actor in the category with no chance. Not sure what the divide is about, but I personally believe its O’Neill’s year. “Modern Family” cast mates have taken the statue in this category the last two years, and O’Neill’s character had a particularly fantastic season. The man who should have won an Emmy for Al Bundy will finally be a winner.

“Mad Men” will set a record.
Barring an upset by “Downton Abbey”—which is very possible—“Mad Men” will be the first show to take home a fifth consecutive statue for Best Drama. Part of me thinks there could even be a “Homeland” upset, but the safe bet is Don Draper and company triumphing.

Giancarlo Esposito will make history.
Perhaps the safest bet there is, the “Breaking Bad” actor will be the first African-American man to win Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Drama Series. This one is such a given, it actually makes me nervous that there will be a major upset.

Comedy actress is up for grabs.
The hardest category to predict this year has been Lead Actress in a Comedy Series. Will Emmy award a previous winner like Julia Louis-Dreyfus, Edie Flco, Tina Fey, or Melissa McCarthy? Or will they give it to an ingénue like Zooey Deschanel or Lena Dunham? I’m betting on the latter, but it’s impossible to tell. The person who I would love to see win more than anything falls into neither category—Amy Poehler has never won for her fantastic performance on “Parks and Recreation.” After three acting nominations for the show, it would be wonderful to see her snag the statue this year.



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