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I Need a Guy Who Blinks

Janine Squillari is versatile, sarcastic while remaining likeable, and often very funny as a single woman venting to us about the parade of unsuccessful relationships she has contended with over the years. The time is "past and present"; the setting is "everywhere."

Her efforts at romance range from involvements with "sophisticated" Europeans to a not-too-bright high school boyfriend revisited. Anyone who has lived through dating will recognize the feeling conveyed by Squillari of amazed discouragement combined with the hope that it will somehow get better. She meets one man after another who turns out to have some bizarre quirk that makes it apparent he is most certainly not Mr. Right.

Squillari does an excellent job of switching from one character to another. She successfully portrays each of the many boyfriends, then switches back to her own persona and her many reactions. These reactions range from frustration at the idiocy she encounters to gaga adoring. Her rendition of the desperate "please don't go" scenario is hilarious. Squillari is straightforward in describing her reactions to the sexual side of each of these not-so-fine romances, as well as to the more generic idiosyncrasies of each swain. She never loses hope or her sense of humor.

She finds the perfect solution in the end -- one that brought chuckles galore -- in the form of a handsome mannequin dummy she can cuddle up with and talk to while awaiting his real-life replacement.

As directed by Elizabeth Browning, the monologue flows smoothly and is rarely dull. While we've seen it all before, and it's light stuff, Squillari very successfully conveys disappointment and exasperation without ever being too whiny or a downer.

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