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Improv for Actors 

10:00-11:30 a.m. -- 9th Fl. Room #C937

Improvisation isn't just about comedic skits, although that's one part of improv. It's also an essential tool for actors that can help you in auditions, in rehearsals, and on set. 

Speaker:   Improv instructor Bill Applebaum


Bill Applebaum
Bill Applebaum, founder of the Actors Improv Studio, is a teacher, actor, writer, and director. He trained and performed at the Chicago Second City Theatre and was a co-founding member of the Second City ETC Theatre. He studied improvisation with Del Close, Paul Sills, Sheldon Patinkin, and Jo Forsberg. He has used improvisation skills in films, TV, and commercials — as well as at such theatres as the Victory Gardens Theatre, the Wisdom Bridge Theatre, Steppenwolf Theatre, the Falcon Theatre, and the Westwood Playhouse.

His approach to teaching improvisation builds on what he learned from the founders of modern improvisation. "Improvisation is more than just being clever or good at playing games," he says. "It helps actors activate their imaginations and gives them skills to think, write, and edit while auditioning and performing. Improvisation makes actors better performers by training them to trust their instincts and make stronger creative choices. Improv is not an end unto itself but a means to being a better actor."

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