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Improve Your Improv

1:00–2:00 P.M. – 4th Floor, Class B
Sharpen Your Improvisation Skills So You’ll Stand Out at Auditions and Become a Star on Set. Improvisation is a vital tool for every actor, whether you're rehearsing for a play, working on a TV commercial, or developing your standup act. Sharpen your skills and learn how to think on your feet with top instructors.

-- Sarah Nowak, Actor and Teacher
-- Chris O'Neil, Actor and Teacher


Sarah Nowak, Actor and Teacher

Sarah Nowak is thrilled to perform weekly with the amazing PIT house ensemble the Baldwins, is proud to perform with SidViscous!, and is one half of the sketch duo Dark Teen Poetry. She also co-produces the improv-horror show "The Strange Box of Doctor Oddbody" with her brother.

Along with her B.S. in broadcasting, she has studied improv at the Second City Conservatory in Toronto and at the Peoples Improv Theater, where she currently teaches Level 1.

Chris O'Neil, Actor and Teacher
Chris O'Neil has been involved with improv for over a decade, having studied at the Peoples Improv Theater, UCB, and the Magnet. He has performed all over in groups such as Sexy Tapioca, the Dream NYC, and the Whites of Their Eyes, as well as many others.

In addition to teaching and coaching, Chris has written and directed several short films that have appeared in various film festivals. A longtime host at the PIT, he is currently auditioning and working on that one-person show, as is de rigueur.

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