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Emmy Rossum and Issa Rae Want More Male Nudity on TV + Other News You Missed This Week

Emmy Rossum and Issa Rae Want More Male Nudity on TV + Other News You Missed This Week
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Once again, the annual comedy actress roundtable is giving us life.
Emmy Rossum, America Ferrera, Pamela Adlon, Minnie Driver, Kathryn Hahn, and Issa Rae are all brilliant, gorgeous, hilarious unicorns who want to see more male nudity on television and equal pay for all. (The Hollywood Reporter)

Ingrid Michaelson is coming to Broadway.
The singer-songwriter will join the cast of “Natasha, Pierre, & the Great Comet of 1812” as Sonya, starting July 3. (Vulture)

The Grammys are introducing online voting.
In the past, votes were counted based on paper ballots sent to the Academy’s 13,000 members. (Buzzfeed)

Patty Jenkins looks forward to not being known as a “female director.”
In conversation with Moira Forbes, executive vice president of Forbes Media, the record-breaking director said, “I look forward to one day getting to be a director and not having anything shaded by that female lens.” (The Cut)

Get your Falsettos with a side of popcorn.
The Tony-nominated production will broadcast in movie theaters around the country starting July 12. (Theater Mania)

The first woman to ever draw a Wonder Woman comic is a serious trailblazer.
Trina Robbins, who started drawing for the comic in 1986, made a point to always draw from a feminist perspective: “The island was no boys allowed and when I was a kid, I lived in a world in which no girls were allowed.” P.S. She loved the movie. (Fusion

A new petition asks theaters to stop inviting a Chicago critic due to racist, homophobic, and body shaming reviews.
Created by the Chicago Theater Accountability Coalition, the petition called on theaters to stop inviting Chicago Sun-Times theater critic Hedy Weiss to productions because “she is not willing to work with us to create a positive environment.” (Broadway World)

The Public’s “Julius Caesar” has had quite a week.
Just before last weekend’s Tony Awards, Delta Air Lines and Bank of America announced they were pulling their sponsorship, a seeming result of right wing social media outcry. The next day, the National Endowment for the Arts issued a statement distancing itself from the production. On Monday, June 12, Oskar Eustis, artistic director of the Public Theater, took the stage before curtain to address the controversy. (Deadline)

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