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It's All About Me

Tonya Canada's one-woman show "It's All About Me" doesn't lie. A 45-minute monologue, Canada's self-penned performance tells the story of her life, from teenaged Rose Festival Princess to word processor by day/actress all the time. All natural and absolutely loveable, Canada clicks her way through a series of projector slides and addresses the audience with hilarious anecdotes of her Rose Princess embarrassments (like falling off the float), a shared soda with Richard Dean Anderson, and how she found her way from Yale to unemployed actress in just a eventful few years.

The set is purposely sparse, with the authentic Rose Princess dress (yes, it's pink taffeta) hanging from a rack, and the projected images on a white sheet taking center stage. Canada stands just off to the side, yet all eyes are remain fixed on her. She is fully willing to take an old acting teacher's advice and to reach deep inside of herself and share her humiliations with candor (she also vomited on a co-worker's desk 20 minutes into the office Christmas party).

Though the scenery doesn't change, there is no background music, and Canada stays in one spot on the stage, the performance remains engaging throughout. Well-edited and directed by Whitney Pastorek, "It's All About Me" is a collaborative success, and Tonya Canada is someone to keep your eyes on for a long time to come.

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