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Kertesz Novel 'Fateless' Adapted for Film

Kertesz Novel 'Fateless' Adapted for Film

BUDAPEST, Hungary -- "Fateless," the film adaptation of 2002 Nobel Prize winner Imre Kertesz's novel of a young boy's experience of the Holocaust, will premiere at the Budapest Film Festival in early February.

"Fateless" will be shown out of competition and likely as the festival's finale feature, Krisztina Hermann, executive secretary of the Hungarian Association of Film Artists, said Tuesday.

The 36th edition of the festival will be held Feb. 1-8. "Fateless" will begin playing in Hungarian movie theaters shortly after the festival, as well as in Italy, where distribution rights already have been secured, said publicist Zsolt Greczy.

The film was directed by Lajos Koltai, who was the cinematographer for Istvan Szabo's "Mephisto," winner of the 1982 Oscar for best foreign language film.

Kertesz's book tells the story of a boy who is deported from his native Budapest to Auschwitz, Poland, and other Nazi concentration camps during World War II. Kertesz himself was deported as a 14-year-old to Auschwitz.

The script was written by Kertesz.

"Fateless," shot in Hungarian, had a budget of some $15 million, a very high figure for a Hungarian film.


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