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Kinney, 'Mentalist' on Same Wavelength

Kinney, 'Mentalist' on Same Wavelength
Veteran actor-director Terry Kinney has landed the all-important new recurring role on CBS' hot crime drama The Mentalist.

In at least seven episodes of the upcoming season, the series' second, Kinney will play Agent Sam Bosco, a seemingly flat-footed policeman with a deceptively sharp intelligence.

Bosco leads the California Bureau of Investigation's Serial Crimes Unit and is brought in to assist in cracking the case of the elusive Red John serial killer, whose victims include the wife and daughter of CBI consultant Patrick Jane (Simon Baker).

Bosco and Jane are bound to clash as Bosco's by-the-book approach is a constant irritation to Jane, while Bosco hates Jane's unorthodox methods and is determined to oust him from the CBI.

To make things even more complicated, earlier in his career, Bosco was the boss of Teresa Lisbon (Robin Tunney) boss, and a dark secret from their shared past hangs over their current relationship.

Kinney, an Oz alum and founding member of Steppenwolf Theatre in Chicago, recently co-starred on ABC's well-received but short-lived dramedy The Unusuals. He spent a lot of time in New York over the past year, directing Neil LaBute's play Reasons to Be Pretty, which played Off-Broadway and Broadway.

Kinney is repped by ICM and Brookside Artists Management.

Nellie Andreeva writes for The Hollywood Reporter.

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