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L.A. Auditions at a Glance

Culled from the hundreds of casting and job notices listed daily on, below are this week's audition highlights for the West Coast, organized by the day the auditions are being held.

To find the full details for each of these projects -- including the audition times, locations, requirements, and alternate submission methods -- simply locate the project using the Casting & Jobs Search Engine, and then open the notice to view all of the info.

When searching, try any of the following: (1) Run a search for all the categories and countries you're interested in, and then sort the results based upon the date of the auditions by clicking on the triangular arrows found near the top of the "Audition Dates" column on every page of the search results; (2) Try an "exact phrase" Keyword search using one of the project titles/casting notice headlines listed below (hint: put the project title, audition headline, production company, or casting director name in "quotation marks" to get the best results); (3) try an "exact phrase" Keyword searches using dates such as Nov. 28, Dec. 5, and so on, to discover other opportunities that have audition dates, performance dates, and deadlines for the date you specify. See the Casting FAQ for additional search hints.


Thurs., Mar. 8

'Balancing Act' (Union Stage)

IL, 'Strapped' (Outside CA Union/Nonunion Film)

IL, 'So You Think You Can Dance,' Season Three (Outside CA Dancers & Choreographers)

Fri., Mar. 9

TX, Untitled Film Noir (Outside CA Nonunion Film)

Sat., Mar. 10

'The Better Man' (Union/Nonunion Film)

'Crimes of the Heart' (Nonunion Stage)

'Richard III' (Nonunion Stage)

'Six Degrees of Separation' (Nonunion Stage)

'Follies' (Nonunion Musicals)

'Pirate's Lair on Tom Sawyer Island' (Theme Parks)

Universal Studios Hollywood (Theme Parks)

AZ, 'La Casa Azul' (Outside CA Nonunion Stage)

Sun., Mar. 11

'America's Next Producer' (Reality TV)

'Angel Street aka Gaslight' (Union/Nonunion Stage)

'Grand Guignol' (Nonunion Stage)

'Murder in Seraglio' (Nonunion Stage)

'Little Shop of Horrors' (Nonunion Musicals)

Between Lines Dance Company (Dancers & Choreographers)

'Harlem Renaissance' (Dancers & Choreographers)

NV, 'The Next Best Thing' (Outside CA Reality TV)

Mon., Mar. 12

USC, 'Today I Die' (Student Film)

'Lends me a Tenor' NTPA (Union/Nonunion Stage)

'Altar Boyz' (Union/Nonunion Musicals)

'Annie Get Your Gun' (Union/Nonunion Musicals)

'Beauty and the Beast' (Union/Nonunion Musicals)

'Born Yesterday' (Nonunion Stage)

'How the Other Half Loves' (Nonunion Stage)

'Shakespeare Live!' (Nonunion Stage)

'Vamp the Lounge' (Nonunion Musicals)

Casting Workshop with Al Guarino (General)

Tues., Mar. 13

'Annie Get Your Gun,' Singers (Union Chorus Calls)

Wed., Mar. 14

'Annie Get Your,' Dancers (Union Chorus Calls)

'Lend me a Tenor' ACT (Nonunion Stage)

'Twilight of the Golds' (Nonunion Stage)

Thurs., Mar. 15

Untitled Feature (Nonunion Film)

La Jolla 2007 Season (Union/Nonunion Stage)

Fri., Mar. 16

'Mr. Right/Mr. Hyde and Miss Right/Ms. Polite' (Commercials/Industrials)

Sat., Mar. 17

'Seven Brides for Seven Brothers' (Union Chorus Calls)

'Seven Brides for Seven Brothers' (Union/Nonunion Musicals)

'Lend me a Tenor' SMTG (Nonunion Stage)

Sun., Mar. 18

MSP 2007 Summer Season (Union/Nonunion Musicals)

'The King and I' (Union/Nonunion Musicals)

AZ, BA Auditions (Outside CA Dancers & Choreographers)

Mon., Mar. 19

'American Inventor,' Season Two (Reality TV)

'An Ideal Husband' (Nonunion Stage)

OSF/DTC 2008 Season (Combined Theatre Auditions)

Tues., Mar. 20

'The Full Monty' (Union/Nonunion Musicals)

'The Full Monty' (Nonunion Musicals)

Stage Industrial (Singers)

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