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L.A. Auditions at a Glance

Culled from the hundreds of casting notices listed daily on, below are this week's audition highlights, organized by West Coast and by the day the auditions are being held.

If you'd like to attend some of these auditions, just use the Casting Search Engine to do a keyword search for the following headlines and production titles. The search results will provide you with the full casting details.

You can also use the Casting Search Engine keyword field to quickly find the casting notices listed as Hot Jobs on the homepage; and you can execute "exact phrase" keyword searches using dates such as Nov. 28, Dec. 5, and so on, to discover other opportunities that have audition dates, performance dates, and deadlines for the date you specify. See the Casting FAQ for additional search hints.


Thurs., July 6

'Change Your Life' (Union/Nonunion Film)

'Entourage' (Union/Nonunion TV/Video)

'The Osbornos' (Nonunion Film)

CTG 2006-07 Musicals (Union Musicals)

Fri., July 7

There are no auditions scheduled for today.

Sat., July 8

'BBW' (Union/Nonunion Film)

'Behaving Badly' (Union/Nonunion Film)

CSUN, 'Barrio Thief' (Student Films)

'Moonlight and Magnolias' (Union/Nonunion Stage)

'Twentieth Century' (Union/Nonunion Stage)

'The Cost of My Love' (Nonunion Stage)

'Oklahoma!' (Nonunion Musicals)

'The Most Happy Fella' (Nonunion Musicals)

Casting Director Workshop, Erica Silverman (General)

NV, 'Jubilee!' (Outside CA - Nonunion Musicals)

USA, 'Gospel Dream 2006' (Outside CA - Singers)

Sun., July 9

'Poor Folk's Pleasure' (Nonunion Stage)

'Private Lives' (Nonunion Stage)

'Soulmates' (Dancers & Choreographers)

Stiletto Entertainment Singers and Dancers (Cruiselines)

Mon., July 10

'Over the River and Through the Woods' (Nonunion Stage)

'Bugsy Malone, Jr.' (Nonunion Musicals)

King Dancers (Northern CA - Dancers & Choreographers)

Tues., July 11

'Pop Group 6' (Singers)

Wed., July 12

NBC Sitcom Pilot Contest (Nonunion TV/Video)

'Pronto Pasta Project' (Nonunion TV/Video)

Thurs., July 13

'Mariachi Much Ado About Nothing' (Union Stage)

Fri., July 14

'Grease' European Tour (Union/Nonunion Musicals)

'Altarboyz,' National Tour (Union/Nonunion Musicals)

Sat., July 15

Kids Comedy Pilot (Nonunion TV/Video)

'In a Yellow Wood' Staged Reading (Nonunion Stage)

'Gospel Dream 2006' (Singers)

AZ, 'Running on Empty' (Outside CA - Union/Nonunion Films)

Sun., July 16

'Women Behind Bars' (Nonunion Stage)

Meh-tropolis Season Five (Dancers & Choreographers)

CO, AF 2006-07 Season (Outside CA - Union Stage)

Mon., July 17

'The Murder Room' (Nonunion Stage)

'Vamp the Lounge' (Nonunion Musicals)

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