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Labor Rehab Council Returns to New York

The Central Labor Rehabilita-tion Council has been the "Social Service Arm of the Trade Union Movement" in New York City for 37 years. In recent years, however, the Council suffered several setbacks. In 1998, it lost its State Funding; funding through the United Way was reduced and other sources of funding also were cut or abolished. As a result, the Council operated in a suspended state addressing only critical issues with limited staff and volunteers.

In January, the Council received partial funding enabling it to hire staff, including a professional social worker, to begin serving the labor community once more, according to the website of Actors' Equity Association.

The labor council's goal is to provide free quality care and appropriate referrals to trade union members in need; to help with problems caused or related to alcohol and/or drug abuse, and to assist in areas of trauma, elder care, absenteeism, workplace relationships and grief and loss counseling. It also provides technical assistance necessary to evaluate workplace hazards and develop health and safety contract language.

For further information, call (212) 532-7575.

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