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Less 'Miserables' in 2001

Even after 13 years on Broadway, the smash hit "Les Miserables" is not yet "frozen." Producer Cameron Mackintosh has announced the show will have 14 minutes shaved off its current running time, a change that will bring the show in at just under three hours and save approximately $23,000 in weekly overtime costs.

Mackintosh said in a statement that the change is necessary to keep the show running, and that cutting 14 minutes from the show is preferable to cutting back on scenery, musicians, or cast members. He also indicated he believes it will enhance the show's effect.

"We have already had happy experiences with cutting 'Les Miserables' for the hugely successful concert version, which runs two hours and 21 minutes," he said. "None of the power and emotion of 'Les Miserables' was lost … it was just concentrated." The Broadway version, by comparison, runs three hours and 12 minutes including the intermission.

Mackintosh said the show's "original creative team" would make the cuts. The company will rehearse the slimmed-down version this month, and the changes will be incorporated into the show in January.

"Les Miserables" has played nearly 5,700 performances since it opened in 1987. According to Mackintosh, the show has also racked up more than $16 million in overtime costs.

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