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Bravo to the writer on the feature titled "A New Rap" [cover story by Jenelle Riley, April 19, 2007]. Very good! But one question: Why wasn't James Todd Smith [LL Cool J] mentioned? Let us not forget the success of LL Cool J in films such as Last Holiday, Deliver Us From Eva, and Halloween H2O: 20 Year Later. Plus, his sitcom In the House achieved syndication. LL, one of the most successful hip-hop artists of all time, is a multitalented individual. I was disappointed that he didn't make your article. If you do a follow-up feature on this topic, please do not leave Mr. Smith out.

—Mahogany Reynolds

New York, N.Y.

Very nice article about [the Screen Actors Guild's] protest of the nonunion commercial call. ["SAG Reps Protest Nonunion Commercial Call," exclusive by Lauren Horwitch, April 27, 2007]. Thank you! There is a newly energized effort to educate the membership about what the phrase "fi-core" actually means and which rights and lack thereof it entitles "fee-paying nonmembers," as well as how permanent or temporary it may or may not be. The truth can be quite surprising for many.

—Brian Hamilton, SAG Alternate National Director

Los Angeles, Calif.

To read the complete article, visit and click on the Unions link.

I would estimate my earnings from Back Stage [casting notices] to be about $30,000 over the years…. Hats off to Back Stage Casting.

—Harvey Shain

Van Nuys, Calif.

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