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Lilly is so stunning, it's easy to forgive people

Lilly is so stunning, it's easy to forgive people who don't notice right away what a terrific actor she also happens to be. But the actor tackled a wide range of challenges in Season Two of the hit show, as flashbacks revealed why she was driven to murder her abusive stepfather and as her relationship with island lothario Sawyer took some surprising turns. Lilly won a SAG Award as part of the Lost ensemble, but she stands out as an actor whose depths have yet to be fully seen.

A bit of a surprise inclusion, Montgomery has consistently done solid work as Samantha Spade on the CBS drama. She was nominated in 2004 for a SAG Award as part of the ensemble, yet most of the awards attention for the show has focused on star Anthony LaPaglia. But Montgomery deserves recognition for creating a strong female character who never plays down her femininity in a tough world.

Oh won the Golden Globe and SAG Award in 2006 for her work as overachieving Dr. Cristina Yang and was nominated for an Emmy last year. The second season showcased Oh's humor but allowed her some wonderfully sweet moments with her partner, Dr. Preston Burke (Isaiah Washington), who is a match for Yang in every way.

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