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Live the Life: Stop Acting!

Respected acting coach, audition specialist, and author Margie Haber takes her "Haber Philosophy" and her book, "How to Get the Part without Falling Apart," and teaches participants how to live the character in your body, instead of your head.

Her technique is not only helpful for auditions but for on-the-set acting once you book a job. She will introduce the specifics of her 10-step method of breaking down the "slice of life" and the Haber Phrase technique. She will encourage you to "jump out of your box and risk to be seen."


Margie Haber, coach, author, acting teacher, Margie Haber Studios

Margie Haber teaches actors to stop acting and live the life, using a specific audition approach to breakdown the slice of life physically and emotionally rather than intellectually. Her clients include Brad Pitt, Vince Vaughn, Halle Berry, Heather Locklear, Kelly Preston, Kyle Chandler, Eric Close, Kristin Davis, and Laura Innes, to name a few. Through her studio's international studies program, she's been working with actors from all over the world.

Haber received her bachelors degree from Ithaca College, and her masters in speech pathology from Brooklyn College. She left New York for the West Coast in 1970, and embarked on an acting career in the film capital, which spanned two decades. During those years, Margie guest-starred in films and TV series and was the quintessential mom in countless commercials.

In the late '70s and early '80s, Margie combined her acting career with a career in teaching. It was while teaching at the Lee Strasberg Institute that she recognized the need and value of a good cold reading technique. In 1982, she formed the Performing Arts Corporation (PAC), offering a forum for producers, directors and casting directors to share their knowledge in a professional teaching capacity.

Recently, Margie starred in "Hollywood Trials," a reality TV series for RTE network in Ireland, and produced "Big Break Hollywood," an educational event in Atlanta. She is the author of "How to Get the Part Without Falling Apart."

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