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London Bombings to Be in Bollywood Film

The July 7 London transit system bombings will be featured in a new Bollywood movie being written by a veteran Indian filmmaker.

Mahesh Bhatt said his film, tentatively titled "Suicide Bomber," will focus on an imagined bomber who fails to detonate his explosives, flees to his mother's homeland, India, and begins to question his mission.

Like most Bollywood movies, it will include songs and dancing.

"It's not a replay of what happened in London," Bhatt said Monday. "That event was a trigger to get into the mind of a (fictional) suicide bomber born in Britain to a Pakistani father and Indian mother."

Four suicide bombings on the London Underground and a bus killed 52 people on July 7.

No one has been arrested in connection with the blasts, although police have nabbed those believed to be behind the failed July 22 copy bombings.

With police still searching for those who trained and financed the deadly strike, Bhatt said he would use the character of the fictional failed attacker to explore a bomber's psyche.

"What happens to the guy if he is alive now? Will he be filled with remorse?" said Bhatt. "What happens to his commitment to die, or does it stoke his thirst for life? That is where this story is born."

The movie is slated to star Bhatt's son, 21-year-old Rahul, as the bomber, and shooting should begin in Britain and India in July.

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