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Loving 'Phillip Morris'

Loving 'Phillip Morris'
One of the best movies of the year is opening today, and odds are many people aren't even aware of it.

That in and of itself isn't so odd--plenty of gems slip by unnoticed every year--but what makes this film's quiet release unusual is that it stars Jim Carrey. And it's one of the most praised performance's of the actor's eclectic, wildly successful career.

The film is  "I Love You Phillip Morris," and it's a sweet, wild, romantic, hilarious ride that is made all the more crazy by the fact it's based on a true story.

The film premiered to an enthusiastic response almost two years ago at Sundance, but faced several delays for various reasons--some said Disney didn't want it opening too close to their family film "A Christmas Carol" with Carrey, sometimes it was legal snafus. Regardless, the film is finally out and, hopefully, playing at a theater near you.

In the movie, based on the book by Steve Mcvicker, Carrey stars as Steven Russell, a devout Christian with a loving wife and daughter who also happens to be gay. After meeting his birth mother and learning she kept all her other kids except him and a near-fatal car accident, Steven decides to stop living a lie and comes out as, in his words, "Gay gay gay gay gay!"

Carrey is wonderful in these opening scenes, heartfelt and vulnerable and charismatic. When he is next seen in Florida with a handsome boyfriend (and two cute dogs), he has the wide smile of a free man. Carrey doesn't hold back in these moments either, playing a man who is living out loud and loving it.


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