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MacDowell Wants Future for Older Actresses

MacDowell Wants Future for Older Actresses

Actress Andie MacDowell said Wednesday she is saddened by Hollywood's obsession with youth, but has faith that as baby boomers get older they will demand to see actresses their own age on screen.

"I don't think that youth should be glorified," the 45-year old said during a visit to Vienna. "It's a mind-set that has to be changed."

"But I think it's changing a little bit," she said. "The baby boomers are now mature and they're gonna want something they can relate to -- I hope."

Asked what she thinks about the obsession in Hollywood with Botox and other wrinkle-fighting treatments, MacDowell, a former model who lives with her family in North Carolina, said in a soft southern accent: "I think it's sad."

Wearing a tight-fitting shimmery green top and a black leather skirt that flared around her knees to reveal fishnet stockings, MacDowell said she is confident enough that older actresses have a future that she has chosen to devote most of her time now to her children -- and return full-force to film making in several years.

"My kids are my life," said MacDowell, who stared in the 1990s hits "Four Weddings and a Funeral" and "Green Card."

"Who's to say I can't find some great work when I'm 55 or 65?"

In particular, she said she was inspired by Diane Keaton's recent performance in "Something's Gotta Give," a romantic comedy in which the 58-year-old actress appears nude.

Since arriving in Vienna several days earlier, MacDowell said she had seen the famous Lippizaner horses, admired the art of Austrian masters such as Gustav Klimt and also found time to watch Keaton's film three times.

MacDowell said she herself is also planning a new film, but didn't want to reveal too much about it out of fear it would "jinx" the project.

All she would say is that "it's dark, like 'Pulp Fiction.'"

MacDowell was in Vienna with her sister Julia to attend the Opera Ball, the highlight of Vienna's high society calendar. She was invited by a wealthy Vienna couple that pays a foreign celebrity every year to appear with them at the party as a way of gaining publicity.


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