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Mail drive battles SAG revote

ntroversy abounds over the decision by the Screen Actors Guild national elections committee to re-run SAG's election for three officer positions. On Friday, SAG member Paul Petersen launched a letter-writing campaign calling for SAG national executive director-CEO Bob Pisano and current president Melissa Gilbert to hold a special hearing looking into the validity of last week's decision, which Petersen contends should be null and voided. In his letter, Petersen cited eight separate charges against the committee, with the central tenet being that the five person committee acted outside its jurisdictional authority in determining that the national election be re-run. "The Hollywood Elections Committee, despite the fact of having been composed entirely of Hollywood Board members and having been appointed only by the Hollywood Board, has, in direct violation of the SAG constitution and established practice, acted as if they were the national elections committee," read the template letter which was hand delivered to Gilbert and Pisano on Frida

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