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Nala Films Picks Up 'Burnout' Spec

Nala Films has picked up Eric Gravning's comedy spec "Mr. Burnout," about a bitter English teacher who accepts a bet and renews his faith in teaching.

The spec sale represents the first for Gravning, who was awarded the James A. Michener fellowship from University of Texas, where he received his master's degree in fine arts.

Gravning's script tells the story of a small town English teacher who spirals from teacher of the year to a bitter, rude individual after a decade in the classroom. It is only when he accepts a bet from an attractive new teacher to get three of his most problematic students into a top college that he renews his faith in teaching and the future.

Nala Films chairman and CEO Emilio Diez Barroso and president Darlene Caamano Loquet have put the production on the fast track for an early 2007 start.

Sheigh Crabtree writes for The Hollywood Reporter.

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