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New York City Opera Artists Authorize Strike

The artists of the New York City Opera have voted to give the negotiating committee of their union, the American Guild of Musical Artists (AGMA), the authorization to call a strike against City Opera. The vote comes just weeks before the opera's season-opening production of "Macbeth," scheduled to premiere Sept. 11.

AGMA spokesman Jamie Van Bramer said that a "demonstrated aversion on the part of management to negotiating in a timely, substantive, and constructive manner," had caused him concern. The union's specific complaints could not be learned by press time.

The vote came on Aug. 11. It was carried by 97% of those in attendance. The vote authorized AGMA to call both an unfair labor practice strike and an economic strike. At press time, however, no strike had been called.

AGMA represents chorus members, solo singers, dancers, stage managers, and stage directors at New York C

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