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New York Sports Clubs

New York Sports Clubs is the top spot for health-conscious New York actors, according to our voters. The gym cleanly beat out second-comers like Crunch, Bally's, Equinox, Curves, and the ever-popular (and inexpensive) YMCA. It even beat Jessica Angleskhan's fave, "my friend's apartment gym," or Dan Carroll's choice, the "public park" he loves for a quick and easy workout.

NYSC's greatest positive is its Starbucks-like presence. The company is part of a network of 135 health and fitness facilities in the New York, Boston, Washington, D.C., and Philadelphia areas, with the vast majority located in the tristate area. For New Yorkers, it can seem as if there's one on every corner: The gym has 39 locations in Manhattan, with 11 more in the outer boroughs and a couple dozen in Westchester County, Long Island, Connecticut, and New Jersey.

Each location offers a variety of special features, from swimming pools to massages. Classes span such actor-friendly favorites as Pilates, spinning, and kickboxing. Membership plans vary widely, including a pay-by-the-month option, instead of the usual I'm-forking-over-my-life-savings-all-at-once plans of other clubs. At select 24-hour locations, NYSC even offers a Night Owl Membership, for performers who want to lift weights after the show.

New York Sports Clubs, 50 locations in NYC;

Runners-up: Crunch, 15 locations in NYC, including 144 W. 38th St., NYC 10018, (212) 869-7788, and 54 E. 13th St., NYC 10003, (212) 475-2018;

Bally's Total Fitness, 20 locations in NYC, including 641 Sixth Ave., NYC 10011, (212) 645-4565, and 45 E. 55th St., NYC 10022, (212) 688-6630;

—Tom Penketh

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