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Notable Passings

Paddy Crean, 93, stage fight director (Dec. 22, 2003)

Alan Bates, 69, film and stage star, Tony winner (Dec. 27, 2003)

Isabelle Stevenson, 90, chairman of the American Theatre Wing (Dec. 28, 2003)

Earl Hindman, 61, television actor, "Home Improvement" and "Ryan's Hope" (Dec. 29, 2003)

I.M. Hobson, 68, film and Broadway actor (Dec. 29, 2003)

Gerald Gutierrez, 53, Tony Award-winning director, "The Heiress," "A Delicate Balance" (Dec. 30, 2003)

Mary Learson Sharmat, 69, actress, producer, political activist (Jan. 1, 2004)

Lynn Cartwright, 76, television, film, and stage actress (Jan. 2)

Patricia Falkenhain, 77, Obie-winning actress (Jan. 5)

Steven Eric Nelson, 52, Off-Broadway actor (Jan. 7)

Charles Brown, 57, television and stage actor, Tony nominee (Jan. 8)

Spalding Gray, 63, autobiographical monologist (Jan. 10)

Uta Hagen, 84, Tony Award-winning stage actress and acting teacher (Jan. 14)

Rod Hausen, 52, composer, arranger, pianist (Jan. 18)

Ann Miller, 80, film and stage tap dancer (Jan. 22)

Bob Keeshan, 76, TV's Captain Kangaroo (Jan. 23)

Tanny McDonald, 67, Broadway, Off-Broadway, and regional theatre actress (Jan. 25)

Eleanor S. Koblenz, 79, Back Stage columnist (Jan. 29)

Jason Raize, 28, original "Lion King" star (Feb. 3)

Robert F. Colesberry, 57, Oscar- and Golden Globe-nominated film producer, "Mississippi Burning" (Feb. 9)

Fred Fine, 89, arts activist and concert promoter (Feb. 9)

Edward Jablonski, 81, biographer of musical composers (Feb. 10)

Harriet Leider, 61, cabaret singer, musical theatre performer (Feb. 12)

Jan Miner, 86, stage and TV actress, Madge the manicurist in Palmolive ads (Feb. 15)

Bart Howard, 88, songwriter, "Fly Me to the Moon" (Feb. 21)

Mary Bryant, 71, theatre publicist (Feb. 22)

Carl Anderson, 58, Broadway actor-singer (Feb. 23)

John Randolph, 88, veteran stage and screen actor (Feb. 24)

Anthony John Lizzul, 48, actor and managing director of Off-Broadway's Vortex Theatre (Feb. 25)

Dana Broccoli, 82, actress, writer, producer of James Bond films (Feb. 29)

Mercedes McCambridge, 87, Oscar-winning film actress, "All the King's Men" (March 2)

Frances Dee, 94, 1930s movie star (March 6)

Paul Winfield, 62, stage, TV, and film actor, Emmy winner and Oscar nominee (March 7)

Ludmilla Tcherina, 79, stage and film ballet star, "The Red Shoes" (March 21)

Jan Sterling, 82, 1950s film and stage actress (March 26)

Peter Ustinov, 82, writer, director, Academy Award-winning actor, "Spartacus," "Topkapi" (March 28)

Thomas "T.H." McCulloh, 69, theatre critic for the Los Angeles Times, Back Stage West (March 28)

Eileen Darby Lester, 87, Broadway photographer (March 30)

Carrie Snodgress, 57, Golden Globe-winning and Academy Award-nominated actress, "Diary of a Mad Housewife" (April 1)

John Taras, 84, choreographer and ballet master with New York City Ballet (April 2)

Leonard Reed, 97, tap dancer (April 5)

Victor Argo, 69, veteran stage and film character actor (April 7)

Marian McCargo Bell, 72, veteran TV and film actress (April 7)

John Hess, 85, TV writer (April 15)

David Clarke, 95, veteran Broadway actor (April 18)

Carl Samuelson, 77, co-founder of Stagedoor Manor Performing Arts Training Center (April 20)

Robert L. Smith, 40, theatre, film, and television designer (April 21)

Eben Henson, 81, founder of Kentucky's Pioneer Playhouse (April 25)

Albert Paulsen, 78, veteran film and TV actor (April 25)

Mark Swain Upchurch, 47, talent agent (April 26)

George Wojtasik, 69, managing director of Equity Library Theatre (April 30)

Betty Miller, 79, veteran Broadway actress (May 3)

Virginia Capers, 78, television and stage actress, Tony winner, "Raisin" (May 6)

Alan King, 76, legendary standup comic, film, and stage star (May 9)

Phil Gersh, 92, Hollywood agent (May 10)

Anna Lee, 91, veteran TV and movie actress (May 14)

Maria Greco, casting director (May 16)

June Taylor, 86, Emmy-winning choreographer (May 16)

June Carroll, 86, lyricist and singer (May 16)

Tony Randall, 84, stage, film, television star, and founder of the National Actors Theatre (May 17)

Woody Shelp, 77, theatrical milliner (May 26)

Irene Manning, 91, 1940s musical film star (May 28)

Charles Kelman, 74, theatre producer (June 1)

Dick Pohlers, 70, actor in regional theatre and summer stock (June 5)

Archie Smith, 86, actor with Denver Center Theatre Company (June 9)

Bernard Grant, 83, star of daytime drama (June 30)

Marlon Brando, 80, renowned stage and screen star, "A Streetcar Named Desire," "On the Waterfront," "The Godfather" (July 1)

Peter Barnes, 73, British playwright and screenwriter, "The Ruling Class" (July 1)

Phoebe Brand, 96, Broadway actress of the 1930s and a founder of the Group Theatre (July 3)

Isabel Sanford, 86, "The Jeffersons" star (July 9)

Ron Milner, 66, playwright, "Checkmates" (July 9)

Julie Kurnitz, 61, cabaret performer (July 15)

Bella Lewitzky, 88, dancer, choreographer (July 16)

Eugene Roche, 75, veteran TV actor, "Ajax" man in TV ads (July 28)

Sam Edwards, 89, TV character actor (July 28)

Paul Garner, 95, vaudevillian (Aug. 8)

Fay Wray, 96, King Kong's "beauty" (Aug. 8)

Peter Woodthorpe, 72, British actor in West End and on Broadway (Aug. 12)

Elmer Bernstein, 82, Oscar-winning film composer, "Thoroughly Modern Millie" (Aug. 18)

Daniel Petrie Sr., 83, veteran Emmy-winning TV director (Aug. 22)

Charles Eaton, 94, Broadway dancer (Aug. 22)

George Kirgo, 78, former president of the Writers Guild of America (Aug. 22)

Wanza Leon King, 83, New York talent agent (Aug. 22)

Jerry Turner, 76, director of the Oregon Shakespeare Festival (Sept. 2)

Larry White, 57, Martha Graham dancer (Sept. 3)

Patty Montano, 44, cabaret performer (Sept. 4)

Michael Hartig, 68, theatrical agent (Sept. 7)

Jonathan Scharer, 56, original "Forbidden Broadway" producer (Sept. 7)

Caitlin Clarke, 52, Broadway and regional theatre actress (Sept. 9)

Ralph G. Allen, 70, "Sugar Babies" creator and theatre historian (Sept. 9)

O.L. Duke, 51, movie actor, "Malcolm X," "Out of Time" (Sept. 10)

Fred Ebb, 76, renowned lyricist and writing partner of John Kander, "Cabaret," "Chicago," "Kiss of the Spider Woman" (Sept. 11)

Jerome Chodorov, 86, Broadway writer, director, screenwriter, "My Sister Eileen" (Sept. 12)

John Hammond, 67, theatre journalist (Sept. 12)

Bill Glassco, 69, artistic director of Toronto's Tarragon Theatre (Sept. 16)

Jacques Levy, 69, stage director, "Oh Calcutta!" (Sept. 30)

Iggy Wolfington, 84, Tony-nominated actor, "The Music Man" (Sept. 30)

Joyce Jillson, 58, actress and astrologer (Oct. 1)

John Stix, 83, director of theatre and film, Juilliard acting teacher (Oct. 2)

Janet Leigh, 77, film star, "Psycho" (Oct. 3)

Tom Coviello, 45, actor and resident singer at Asti Restaurant for 13 years (Oct. 5)

Hildy Parks, writer, producer, first 20 years of Tony Awards telecasts (Oct. 7)

Wally Harper, 63, Broadway composer, Barbara Cook's musical arranger and director (Oct. 8)

Christopher Reeve, 52, star of "Superman" and activist (Oct. 10)

Jim Morgan, 63, Kleban Award-winning lyricist, "Quilt" (Oct. 10)

Robert Merrill, 87, renowned Metropolitan Opera baritone (Oct. 23)

Andrew V. Yelusich, 50, costume and set designer for Denver Center Theatre (Oct. 28)

Don Briscoe, 64, soap opera actor, "Dark Shadows" (Oct. 31)

James H. Binger, 88, chair of Jujamcyn Theaters (Nov. 3)

Jane Doniger Reibel, 80, actress Off-Off Broadway, in regional theatre, and summer stock (Nov. 4)

Cathy Wydner, 43, musical actress, played Peggy in "42nd Street" (Nov. 5)

Howard Keel, 85, star of 1950s Broadway musicals and movie musicals, former SAG president (Nov. 7)

Gibson Kente, 72, South African playwright (Nov. 7)

Norman Rose, 87, veteran actor and voice of Juan Valdez (Nov. 12)

Gregory Mitchell, 53, Broadway actor, "Kiss of the Spider Woman," "Steel Pier" (Nov. 18)

Cy Coleman, 75, renowned songwriter and Broadway composer, "Sweet Charity," "Barnum," "On the Twentieth Century" (Nov. 18)

Frances Chaney, 89, stage, radio, and film actress blacklisted during McCarthy era (Nov. 23)

Mark Arvin, 40, Broadway dancer, "Movin' Out," "Sweet Smell of Success" (Dec. 5)

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