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NYC Auditions at a Glance

Culled from the hundreds of casting notices listed daily on, below are this week's audition highlights, organized by East Coast and by the day the auditions are being held.

If you'd like to attend some of these auditions, just use the Casting Search Engine to do a keyword search for the following headlines and production titles. The search results will provide you with the full casting details.

You can also use the Casting Search Engine keyword field to quickly find the casting notices listed as Hot Jobs on the homepage; and you can execute "exact phrase" keyword searches using dates such as Nov. 28, Dec. 5, and so on, to discover other opportunities that have audition dates, performance dates, and deadlines for the date you specify. See the Casting FAQ for additional search hints.


Thurs. Nov. 16


NC, Busch Gardens Williamsburg

AZ, 'The Funniest Mom in America'

NC, Busch Gardens Williamsburg

Fri. Nov. 17


'Frost/Nixon,' B'way


'Cry Baby'

'Gutenberg! The Musical'

'Chita Rivera: The Dancer's Life'

NJ, Princeton Rep Company

Seventeen Magazine

Sat. Nov. 18

Atlantic City Nightclub

Improv Extravaganza

Sun. Nov. 19

'Video Vixens'

'A Chorus Line'

VA, Busch Gardens Williamsburg

NE, 'The Funniest Mom in America'

VA, Busch Gardens Williamsburg

Mon. Nov. 20



'At Least It's Pink'

'Beauty and the Beast'

'Cry Baby'

'Phantom,' Singers

'It Is Said the Men Are Over In the...'

'A Chorus Line,' B'way, Males

NJ, 'Macbeth' & 'Few Good Men'

Musical Revue, TN

Walt Disney World Resort

'Gotta Sing' Open Mike

FL, 'Shenandoah'

Tues. Nov. 21

'Parlour Song'

'The Madras House'

Musical Revue, TN

'Leonid the Magnificent & Leo-Leopatra'

IN, 'The Funniest Mom In America'

Wed. Nov. 22

'Frost/Nixon,' B'way

MO, 'The Funniest Mom In America'

Thurs. Nov. 23

No auditions scheduled for this day.

Fri. Nov. 24

Seventeen Magazine

Sat. Nov. 25

Improv Extravaganza

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