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Olivier Clips Used in Movie 'Sky Captain'

Olivier Clips Used in Movie 'Sky Captain'

By Anthony Breznican

San Diego (AP) -- It has been 15 years since the death of renowned British actor Laurence Olivier -- but he's making a Hollywood comeback. Footage of the actor in his youth is used to create the villainous human leader of an army of gigantic killer robots for the fantasy adventure "Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow."

Jude Law, who stars as Sky Captain, said at the annual Comic-Con International sci-fi convention that it was a dream come true to perform alongside -- sort of -- the classically trained Olivier.

"He plays my nemesis. And he's referred to throughout the movie so you know eventually you're going to get to see this bad guy," Law said. "It builds up, and you only see him in the last minutes, and he's in hologram form."

New dialogue was recorded by another actor for Olivier's voice, and his image comes from assorted films and archive footage.

Law said the filmmakers chose to use old footage of Olivier because few other performers -- living or dead -- possessed his fearsome authority.

"Sky Captain" is set for release in theaters Sept. 17.


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