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ost actors would be pleased to have one signature

ost actors would be pleased to have one signature role in their career. William Shatner has had two, and he shows no signs of slowing down. The actor has attracted new audiences as emotionally stunted misogynist antihero Denny Crane on ABC's Boston Legal. Gone are the long, steamy looks into the camera on Star Trek; with Denny, Shatner's gift for comedic timing and physical comedy shines through in vacant and puzzled looks, physical tics, and offbeat cadences that create character layers and keep audiences guessing. The actor takes the character "where no man has gone before" as the conservative Republican, gun-toting, sexist idiot savant character whose quirkiness includes prejudices against just about anyone, from the homeless to short people to liberals. This is Shatner's fourth Emmy nomination. He has two wins for the role of Denny—in 2004 for The Practice and in 2005 for Boston Legal—as well as a 2005 Golden Globe. He also earned individual and ensemble SAG Award nominations for Boston Legal.

—Nicole Porter

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