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Papparazzi Bill Moves Ahead In California

The California Assembly has approved a bill which, if it becomes a law, will give celebrities and crime victims the right to sue if their privacy is invaded by papparazzi.

The bill has been supported by the Screen Actors Guild, as well as many of its high-profile members, including Sharon Stone, Billy Crystal, Mel Gibson, and Richard Dreyfuss.

SAG is also pushing for similar legislation on the national level, as well as in the New York state legislature.

The California bill, which passed by a vote of 48-13, will go to the State Senate for a final vote next week. It will allow lawsuits if photographers or cameramen trespass in order to get footage of their subjects in private, family moments.

It also allows the victim to sue in cases of "techno-trespassing," when photographers use highly developed equipment to get footage they would not normally be able to obtain without intruding on their subjects' private property.

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