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PIT Announces NYC Improv Festival 2013 Lineup

PIT Announces NYC Improv Festival 2013 Lineup
Photo Source: The PIT

The Peoples Improv Theater has announced the full lineup for its second annual NYC Improv Festival, presenting more than 80 improv comedy teams on two stages at the PIT for four nights, March 20-23.

In addition to New York-based groups and PIT house teams like the Faculty, the Baldwins, and Body Heat, this year’s festival features improvisers from L.A., Chicago, Boston, Toronto, and even Sweden.

Headliners include Threat (Matt Donnelly, Rebekka Johnson, and Jim Festante), Centralia (Kevin Scott, Jay Rhoderick, and Matt Higgins), Baby Wants Candy, and PIT founder Ali Farahnakian, as well as “special guests” to be announced.

And according to Toby Knops, the PIT’s associate artistic director, “Improv fans will also have the opportunity to get on stage and perform every night of the festival” at shows like Improv Jam and Improdrome. The PIT has scheduled a series of special one-day workshops for performers to hone their improv skills during the festival, as well.

Even better? Following the PIT’s “Super Free Wednesdays” tradition, the opening night of the festival, March 20, is packed with completely free shows pairing the PIT’s New York house teams with improv troupes from iO Chicago, Second City, and the Annoyance Theater.

“New York City has become one of the premiere destinations for long-form improv comedy,” festival organizers say. “New York’s steadily growing improv scene offers a vast array of comedic styles and philosophies and to showcase this, the New York City Improv Festival was created. The festival aims to celebrate the diverse talent in New York, but also to showcase talent from all over the world.”

The complete schedule is below (subject to change).

Wednesday, March 20 (Super Free Wednesday, all shows FREE)
Striker Theater
6PM – Improv Jam
7PM – Dead$$$ (Chicago) / Ca$h Only! (NYC PIT)
8PM – The Late 90’s (Chicago) / Family Haircut (NYC PIT)
9PM – Sea Tea Improv (Hartford) / C. Monster (NYC PIT)
10PM – Press Play (DC) / The Faculty (NYC PIT)
11:00PM – Improdome

7:30PM – Susan (Chicago) / Grounds for Divorce (NYC PIT)
8:30PM – Wildcard (Chicago) / USA (NYC PIT)
9:30PM – Mad Contender (Chicago) / Super Nice (NYC PIT)
10:30PM – Hunks’R'Us (Chicago) / Body Heat (NYC PIT)
11:30PM – Sushi Model (NYC) / Dramatiska: Improvised Bergman (Sweden)

Thursday, March 21
Striker Theater
6PM – Improv Jam
7PM – Shackled (NYC)
8PM – Baby Wants Candy (NYC)
9PM – Ali & Friends (NYC)
10PM – Full Love Throttle (Charleston) / Airwolf (NYC UCB)
11PM – Gus (Baltimore) / G.U.S. (NYC)
12AM – New Team Lunacy

6PM – Pitch, hosted by Adorable! (NYC PIT)
7:00PM – Mike Brown Solo Improv (NYC) / Andrews Sisters (NYC) / HIPSTERPOTAMUS (Pittsburgh)
8:30PM – Featherweight (NYC Magnet) / BEEES!!! (NYC Magnet)
9:30PM – The Scene (NYC)
11:00PM – Chet Watkins (NYC Magnet) / Taco Supereme (NYC)
12AM – Herschel (NYC) / 300kh of Sound (NYC)

Friday, March 22
Striker Theater
6PM — Happy Hour
7PM – Junior Varsity (NYC Magnet) / ImprovBoston (Boston)
8PM – Sandino (NYC UCB) / Borealis (NYC PIT)
9PM – Kosmos (NYC UCB) / Hello (NYC PIT)
10PM – Centralia (NYC)
11PM – ChicaGoGO (NYC/Chicago) / Gentleman Party (NYC)
12AM – Missed Connections

6PM – The PIT TourCo (NYC PIT)
7PM – The Dirty Shame (Chicago) / Frank (Chicago) / Blanks & Blanks (NYC)
8:30PM – Davanger (Philadelphia) / The Imposters (NYC/DC)
9:30PM – Kiss Punch Poem (NYC Magnet)
10:30PM – Prov-Rock Vigilante (NYC)
11:30PM – SidViscous! (NYC) / Brick (NYC Magnet)
12:30AM – The Last Show (NYC)

Saturday, March 23
Striker Theater
1PM – Symposium
3PM – Bull/Matador Festival Show
4PM – Apocalips (Philadelphia) / Doppelskope (NYC)
5PM – Improvising Emotionally Festival Show
6PM – The Grrr (Chicago) / ImprovBoston (Boston)
7PM – Grimacchio (Philadelphia) / Cragg and Ward (NYC)
8PM – BBC (NYC PIT) / Baldwins (NYC PIT)
9PM – 2-MAN NO-SHOW (Toronto) / Out of Character (Chicago)
10PM – Threat (NYC/Las Vegas/LA)
11PM – Trolley (Chicago) / Pizza Party (Chicago)
12AM – The Actor’s Worst Nightmare

2:30PM- WNBA (Boston) / Punctual Drunks (NYC)
3:30PM – Our Town (NYC) / ARTPROV (NYC)
4:30PM – National Comedy Theatre (NYC) / Squalid Gold (LA)
5:30PM – Gameface (NYC) / Birthday Girl (Chicago)
6:30PM – KC Improv Company (Kansas City) / Three Letter Acronym (Cambridge)
7:30PM – ChicagOldStyle (Chicago/NYC) / Dramatiska: Improvised Bergman (Sweden)
8:30PM – Nathan + Joe Show (NYC)
9:30PM – Hit and Run (Denver) / Broadways Next Hit Musical (NYC)
10:30PM – Pop Roulette Prov (NYC) / The Era (Chicago)
11:30PM – The Tarantino (NYC)
12:30AM – World’s Fair (Earth)

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