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Angstrom Stage Lighting

837 Cahuenga Blvd.

L.A., CA 90038

(800) 422-5744

This company has full lighting equipment for rent or sale including expendables, projection systems, and special effects. It also delivers.


Lighting Services

5426 Fair Ave.

L.A., CA 91601

(800) 622-6628

ELS has complete production services, including followspots, fog machines, and expendables, both for sale and rent.

Olesen Lighting & Curtains

1535 Ivar Ave.

L.A., CA 90028

(213) 461-4631

Olesen has for sale or rent: any lighting equipment you need. It also carries set supplies: paint, fabric, etc. (The paint is not for rent.)



Ellis Mercantile

169 N. La Brea Ave.

L.A., CA 90036

(213) 933-7334

This company has a huge stock of hand props available for rental only. Its graphics department can also create and printed prop you might need. Its stock runs from starter pistols to breakaways to taxidermy. It offers discounts to rentals of four weeks or more.

Hollywood Central Props

9171 San Fernando Rd.

Sun Valley, CA 91352

(818) 394-4504

Hollywood Central Props specializes in set decorations from period to contemporary furniture, fixtures, appliances, equipment, art, and hand props. It has almost 100,000 square feet of inventory, including one of the largest assortments of large and small bronze, complete silver and crystal collections, and sporting and fitness equipment.

Omega Cinema Props

5857 Santa Monica Blvd.

L.A., CA 90036

(213) 466-8201

With four locations, this company has more than 400,000 square feet of props and set furniture. Its inventory includes rugs, medical and lab equipment, bars, period furnishings, and outdoor furnishings, just to name a few. It offers some discounts to AEA members.

Santa Fe Wrecking Co.

1600 S. Santa Fe

L.A., CA 90021

(213) 623-3119

Santa Fe Wrecking sells a great deal of salvageable set pieces and building supplies. It has a lot of doors and toilets. But don't go there expecting to find furniture--it's a salvage yard.

20th Century Props

11651 Hart St.

N. Hollywood, CA 91605

(818) 759-1190

With more than 100,000 square feet of stock and access to set manufacturers, 20th Century has a terrific inventory that includes an excellent collection of vintage lamps and lighting instruments.


Apparel Warehouse Inc.

(818) 344-3224

Cabaret Costume

(310) 370-0098

California Costume/Norcosco

(818) 567-0753

Costume Rentals Corp

(818) 753-3700

Gilbert of Hollywood Costumes

(818) 506-6668

Glendale Costumes

(818) 244-1161

International Costumes

(310) 320-6392

Make Believe Inc.

(310) 396-6785


(310) 392-7740

Noblitts Costumes

(818) 769-4737

United American Costume

(818) 764-2239

Western Costume Co.

(818) 760-0900


For most makeup needs, the above costume shops should suffice. However, for all theatrical makeup needs, be sure to check out:

The Joe Blasco

Make-Up Center

(213) 467-4949


There are more than 100 companies in Los Angeles which rent and sell sound systems, from wireless microphones to amplifiers and speakers. Most have the ability to support theatre productions, but not all have experience with theatre spaces. Make sure to ask. Sound companies are listed under the heading "Sound Systems & Equipment" in the L.A. County Business to Business Yellow Pages. (They are not, however, listed in the regular L.A. County Yellow Pages. Don't ask us why.)



Obviously we can't list every stage manager, set builder, lighting technician, etc. in L.A. here. Members of Theatre L.A. are welcome to use the Theatre L.A. Job Bank, a referral service for designers and technical support. Members should contact Carolyn Almos at (213) 614-0556.


Musicians' Network

Professional Musicians,

Local 47

817 N. Vine St.

Hollywood, CA 90038

(213) 993-3174

Fax: (213) 957-2167

E-mail: network

The Musicians' Network, a service of the local musicians' union, is a free referral service for professional musicians with a database of more 400 bands and 1,000 musicians from pianists to pop bands in all styles. These are typically musicians for one-night gigs, but the network will refer musicians for long-running shows, as well.


The Academy of

Theatrical Combat

(213) 939-7345

Jan Bryant and Dan Speaker are the resident combat coaches at the Los Angeles Repertory Company. They offer instruction in unarmed, broadsword, quarterstaff, saber, small sword, rapier & dagger, broadsword & shield, bullwhip, and cutlass fighting. Between the two of them, they have numerous credits in stage, television, and film, including Army of Darkness, Total Recall, Lois and Clark, Peter Pan (national tour with Cathy Rigby), and the Old Globe production of Henry IV pts. 1 and 2. They are available for production instruction.

Ken Clement

(213) 629-1708

For eight years, Ken has choreographed fights for the stage. Certified at Cal Arts, he is now the fight choreographer for the Hillside Arts Festival. No fight is too big or too small for Ken.

Anthony De Longis

(213) 874-9698

A stage combat and movement instructor at UCLA for 20 years, De Longis now brings his talent to film and television, having trained Michelle Pfeiffer, Anjelica Huston, and Jon Voight, among many others. He still works in theatre, having done choreography for productions at the Ahmanson, the Taper, and the Old Globe.



Goodwin, an experienced fight choreographer with 30 years of martial arts training and 15 years experience staging skirmishes for film and TV, offers classes "for the serious beginner, detailing my system of fight choreography." Every Sunday in October, in fact, he'll be teaching a different specialty, from Sword Principles and Practice to Martial Arts Weapons for Film. No previous experience is necessary, and many fight scenes are taped for further study. In his time, Goodwin has trained or choreographed such actors as Illeanna Douglas, Charles Dutton, Lori Petty, and the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. (310) 558-1143. See ad on page III.

Melodee M. Spevack/

Swords of Glory

(818) 980-2123

Melodee has been doing sword combat choreography for six years. She has been a trainer/technical consultant for Hercules: The Legendary Journeys on TV and The Pirates of Penzance at the South Bay Civic Light Opera on stage. She has done choreography for many shows and also does industrial shows and CD-ROMs.



Ivan Borodin

(213) 962-9455

Borodin, who studied with Uta Hagen and at the Lee Strasberg institute and NYU, offers private and on-set coaching for accent reduction and all foreign or regional dialects.

Michael Buster

(888) 789-9841

Buster, who will work on-set at theatres, teaches all dialects as well as accent reduction, voice, and speech

Jack Catran

(818) 892-9433

Catran specializes in accent reduction, but also teaches 21 accents using books and tapes. He has 20 years of experience and will work on set.

Bob Corff

(213) 851-9042

Corff teaches dialects either privately or on location. He has instructed Salma Hayek, Vanessa Redgrave, and Antonio Banderas.

Bill Dearth

(818) 761-1051

In either private lessons or on set, Dearth teaches accent reduction as well as all dialects.

Jacky de Haviland

(213) 939-7077

Specializing in British, regional American, European, and Asian accents, de Haviland has a lot of experience working with children. Credits include The Little Rascals and William Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet

Judi Dickerson

(818) 985-1603

Dickerson offers dialect and voice coaching for productions and auditions for film, television, and stage. She has taught dialects at Cal Arts and coached at A Noise Within.

Jessica Drake

(213) 662-1831

The Julliard-trained Drake has been coaching actors in dialect and speech for more than 20 years, with credits like Forrest Gump, Don Juan DeMarco and L.A. Confidential.

Kathleen S. Dunn

(310) 306-5332

In a space she calls the Stradivarius Studio, Dunn offers dialect coaching based on her nine years of teaching experience.

Robert Easton

(818) 985-2222

Easton is best known as the "Henry Higgins of Hollywood" for his extensive and highly specialized dialect coaching (which he also offers through L.A. Repertory). Good luck catching him.

Mary Grover

(818) 787-7664

Valerie Miller

(213) 465-4446

The speech instructor at the Stella Adler Academy of Acting, Miller works with all accents and coaches in Standard American.

Donald H. Molin

(818) 994-3225

The author of The Actor's Encyclopedia of Dialects, Molin teaches all accents, as well as reduction.

Larry Moss

(310) 395-4284

Veteran coach Moss has more than 30 years experience in "accents lost and found," and offers both workshops and private coaching in dialects, as well as audition preparation.

Heather Paige Ridgeway

(310) 585-5926

Ridgeway teaches all dialects, but specializes in Southern, East Coast, and Spanish. Also offers accent reduction and breathing techniques.

Pelayo Vocal Studio

(818) 988-2387

Dr. Hernon Pelayo has more than 40 years in business. With specialities in Spanish, Italian and French accents, Pelayo instructs in all dialects using modern equipment.

Elizabeth Prescott

(818) 789-8660

Primarily a voice and singing coach, Prescott also instructs in both dialect acquisition and reduction.

Deborah Ross-Sullivan

(818) 795-4767

Specializes in all American and British accents (including Irish, Scottish, and Australian). She has 23 years of experience and offers vocal strength coaching as well.

Alexander Scott

(310) 542-9224

Scott specializes in fast acquisition and reduction of accents, and has been coaching dialects since 1979.

Alan Shaterian

(310) 824-2720

With a Ph.D. in linguistics from Berkeley, Shaterian can help with any accent needed, with a specialty in exotic accents. He helped create Benicio del Toro's accent in The Usual Suspects and Martin Landau's in Ed Wood.

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