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Unless one believes that writers possess special prescient, psychic abilities to discern the wants and tastes of theatre companies, it only makes sense that the theatres go shopping online for the plays that suit their tastes.

"There is an immediacy that can't be matched by snail-mail—I can speak with a playwright about a new script and have it in hand within an hour's time. Because the system is accessible from virtually anywhere, I have the convenience of being able to work, and therefore, to receive scripts, from anywhere. Between the speed and the convenience, I'd much rather work electronically whenever possible."

n Cheryl Pryzby,

n Associate Director of the Newman Theatre in Pleasantville, N.Y.

"The issue of improper use of material on the web, including graphics and other intellectual property, has still not been satisfactorily answered; so it is probably better to screen those who want to download your scripts for your own safety."

—Mark E. Lang,

web designer

"Designing and maintaining the [web]site is a huge effort, and requires a significant investment of time. However, it is well worth it."

– authors Brett Nicholson and Hans Vollrath

"In a business where one should be measured by their aesthetic, it appears most work is distributed by acquaintance and not by quality of aesthetic."

n Barry McNabb,

n Associate Literary Manager,

n The Ensemble Studio Theatre in New York

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