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Reader's Choice

Francene Selkirk

Francene Selkirk started as an actor and then worked in commercials in jobs from production assistant to producer before becoming a commercial casting director. She understands all parts of the business and loves her job, which is probably why many readers who voted for her commented on how she is equal parts genuine, warm, friendly, and professional.

"She has passion for the business," says Back Stage reader Mark Joseph Murphy. "She likes new faces and real people," says Joan Crotty. "She remembers faces." Selkirk's office, Shooting From the Hip Casting, is a busy one. Still, as Denise Moses says, "She creates an efficient yet non-stressful casting room."

"I think my assistants and I realize that no creativity comes through when we are in chaos," Selkirk says. "All of the people who work with me are good people. We have manners; we say please and thank you. I think it's important. But we also expect the actors to realize we have a job to do."

Selkirk wishes all actors would treat the audition process like a job interview. She wants actors to constantly update their résumés, have a great picture, treat the casting office and other actors with respect, and, most important, study. "Study the script and have ideas about how to do the audition," she says. "Go to classes and train. Commercials are tough. You have 30 seconds to show your stuff."

She advises actors to be confident, take chances in their auditions, be themselves and not what they think the advertisers want them to be, be kind and grateful, and ask questions when they don't understand. Then, she says it's as simple as, "Come in, learn your lines, do your audition, go home, and get on with your life."

Francene Selkirk, Shooting From the Hip Casting @ Zydeco Studios, 11317 Ventura Blvd. Studio City, CA 91604


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