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Reader's Choice


Hat trick! 2011 marks the third straight year that Reproductions has nabbed the title of Back Stage readers' favorite litho/reproduction house. General manager Eric Dolgins says his team's strategy is simple: "For an actor, their headshot is their calling card—often their foot in the door. We understand the issues at play and what people are looking for when it comes to the printing and retouching that we offer."

It's an ethos that has led to Reproductions' reputation as one of the top repro houses for the New York City acting community. Says actor Edgar Eguia, "When I first started out, anyone I'd talk to who was an actor would just know, that is where you go." He adds with a laugh, "It's just kind of accepted as a societal fact."

Actor Jasmine Spiess is partial to the company's consistency and speedy service. She has had other places print her headshots, "and there has always been a mistake," she says. "The Reproductions guys are amazingly fast with touching up photos minimally."

Reproductions has also started offering seminars on topics such as finding the right headshot photographer, joining the unions, and teaming up with the right representation. "We're very happy to give back to the community as well," says Dolgins, "and appreciate everybody being loyal and coming to us all these years." Spoken like a champ.

Reproductions, 70 W. 40th St., 3rd floor, New York; (646) 502-3700;

Reproductions was the Readers' Choice winner in this category in 2009 and 2010


Precision Photos, (212) 302-2724,
Colorworks, (212) 382-2825,
Modernage, (212) 997-1800,

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