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Roundabout Tables "Cabaret" Till 1998

The Roundabout Theatre Company and British director Sam Mendes have decided to postpone their production of "Cabaret," originally planned for January 1997, until the spring of 1998.

The Roundabout lost its intended "Cabaret" venue when The Supper Club entered into a deal with rock promoter Ron Delsener in late September. The theatre, which began negotiations with The Supper Club in April, had already begun advertising the West 47th Street nightclub as the location of "Cabaret." But the club announced that its unsigned contract with the theatre had been superseded by the Delsener agreement.

The Roundabout's "Cabaret" was to have been based on Mendes' site-specific production of the musical in London. In a last-ditch effort to move the show forward, the theatre hired En Garde Arts producer Anne Hamburger to find a new space for it--apparently to no avail.

"We've run out of time for this season," said Mendes, who still insists on a cabaret-like venue for the John Kander and Fred Ebb musical. He made it clear that he and the Roundabout's artistic director, Todd Haimes, "do not want to make any compromises in staging the show. I want to reiterate my commitment to all concerned, and proceed when we have a space that works for 'Cabaret' next season."

A replacement production will be announced shortly. Previous reports indicate it will be a play, staged in a legitimate theatre other than the Roundabout. "Cabaret" ticket holders will have the option to obtain a refund or exchange their seats for the substitute show.

Press representative Erin Dunn said that Natasha Richardson and Alan Cummings, who had been signed for the aborted January 1997 run of "Cabaret," plan to appear in the 1998

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