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Ryan Gosling: 'I Fanned Out' in 'Ides of March' (Video)

Ryan Gosling: 'I Fanned Out' in 'Ides of March' (Video)
Photo Source: Frazer Harrison/Getty Images
Ryan Gosling says it was difficult for him to work on "The Ides of March."

"The whole film was a challenge because I was working with a lot of my favorite actors," he tells Back Stage film and TV editor Jenelle Riley. "And I was trying to be in the scenes with them, but I was also fighting wanting to just watch them or, like, get my picture with them. Then I realized I was getting my picture with them in a way."

However, meeting one's heroes doesn't always turn out well. Gosling shares his scars in meeting his childhood idol, the professional wrestler the Ultimate Warrior, and getting brushed off when he asked for an autograph outside the arena.

While Gosling didn't audition for "Ides" ("It was one of those things where George Clooney calls you and you say yes"), he did once have a bad audition experience in which he had to mime being shot for a nonspeaking part in a war picture.

"I didn't get the part," he says.

Watch the interview below:


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