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SAG Awards: 'Horror Story' is Drama, 'Guardians' to Compete in Ensemble

SAG Awards: 'Horror Story' is Drama, 'Guardians' to Compete in Ensemble
Photo Source: DreamWorks

Could this be the face of a SAG Award winning ensemble? DreamWorks certainly thinks it has a shot, submitting the voice cast for "Rise of the Guardians" in Best Performance by an Ensemble in a Motion Picture category at the 2013 SAG Awards. This marks the first time DreamWorks has submitted an animated film in the category. "Rise of the Guardians" features an all-star voice cast including Chris Pine, Alec Baldwin, Isla Fisher, Jude Law, and Hugh Jackman, all playing legendary fantasy characters from Santa Claus to the Easter Bunny. It's certainly a reach, but considering the SAG Awards have no voice acting category, it's worth a shot. Besides, people once laughed at the idea of animated films earning Best Picture Oscar nominations before "Beauty and the Beast" and "Up." And now animated films have their own category at the Academy Awards.

On the TV side, "American Horror Story: Asylum" will be competing in the Drama cateogry, not as a Movie or Miniseries, at the SAG Awards. Last year, Jessica Lange won for Outstanding Performance by a Female Actor in a Drama Series for her work on the show's first season. But then "AHS" threw a wrench in things by competing as a Miniseries at the Emmy Awards. This, despite airing 12 episodes--the same amount as "Homeland," which competed in the Drama Series category--and won. But FX has confirmed that "Asylum" will compete in the Drama category at the SAG Awards, a smart move as this makes the cast will be eligible for an Ensemble nod. (There is no ensemble category for Miniseries or TV Movie.)  And with such an eclectic cast--from legends like Lange to newcomers like Adam Levine--it stands a solid chance.

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