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SAG law firm hire irks coalition

e decision by the Screen Actors Guild to retain the law firm of Verner Liipfert Bernhard McPherson & Hand to advise the guild on runaway production issues has caused a fissure to form in the coalition of groups that filed the controversial U.S. Commerce Department filing earlier this month. The groups have proposed that countervailing tariffs be considered as a remedy if it is discovered that the Canadian subsidies offered to U.S. film and television producers are in violation of trade agreements. Apparently SAG irked the Film & Television Action Committee and Made in the USA, the two other organizations attached to the petition filing, by not consulting with them before hiring the Washington-based law firm. "If (SAG) was going to hire a lawyer, it should be in conjunction with what we are doing; we are fighting for our lives here," FTAC president Brent Swift said. Swift also was concerned because Verner Liipfert has in the past represented the MPAA. The MPAA has been one of the strongest opponents to the tariff idea and has vowed to fight its imposition tooth and nai

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