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Secrets of Voice-Over Success: Breaking In, Staying In

12:00-1:30 PM -- Lower Level
Voiceover work is a highly competitive and highly rewarding industry. But it takes more than just a great voice and chutzpa to be successful. Joan Baker, author of "Secrets of Voice-over Success," together with top industry insiders, will give you the inside scoop on how to launch and maintain a successful voiceover career. Five attendees will get a chance to do a live audition with coaching from the experts.

-- Joan Baker, host, author of "Secrets of Voiceover Success"
-- Rudy Gaskins, creative director, Push Creative Advertising
-- Allynn Simons, voiceover casting director, Kipperman Casting
-- Johnna Gottlieb, voiceover business manager, consultant
-- Kate McGrath, voiceover talent agent, Innovative Artists
-- Candi Milo, voiceover talent


Joan Baker, Voiceover Actor, Teacher, Spokesperson, and Author
Among Joan's achievements, she narrated for the permanent display of the William Jefferson Clinton Presidential Library and the national ad campaign for the Muhammad Ali Center.

Other clients include ESPN, ABC News, NBC, Showtime, HBO, Imus in the Morning,, Sony Music, American Express, ABC Sports, and the Olympic Games. She has coached the late Johnnie Cochran and HLN's Nancy Grace and numerous Fortune 500 CEOs and executives.

Joan is the author of "Secrets of Voice-Over Success: Top Voice-Over Actors Reveal How They Did It," now in its second edition, the inside how-to scoop on the exciting and lucrative career of voiceover acting, plus audio CD. She is also the national spokesperson for Neumann microphones, described as "the finest microphones in the world."

For five straight years, Joan hosted/created the Make Millions With Your Voice course through the Learning Annex and That's Voiceover at the Times Center.

Rudy Gaskins, Executive Creative Director and CEO of Push Creative Advertising
An Emmy Award winner, Gaskins has directed the vocal musings of Barbara Walters, Bob Costas, Peter Jennings, Nancy Grace, Marv Albert, and Johnnie Cochran. Clients include NBC Sports, Spike TV, American Express, and Lexus.

Johnna Gottlieb, Voiceover Talent Manager/Business Consultant, Founder of Johnna Gottlieb Consulting
Johnna oversees a one-of-a-kind company in the voiceover industry. She has launched and cultivated the careers of some of the top voiceover artists working in the industry today.

Her client roster includes the voice of Nickelodeon, the show announcer for the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show, the promo announcer for NBC's "Meet the Press" and "Dateline," and the voice of the national commercial campaign for Disneyland and Walt Disney World. In addition, she is on the faculty of both NYU and UCLA, where she teaches business courses about the voiceover industry.

Allynn Simons, Casting Director, Kipperman Casting
Allynn Simons is a casting director at Kipperman Casting, one of Manhattan's leading commercial casting offices. Recent clients include Hershey's, LG, Dentyne, Pizza Hut, Castrol, Verizon, and P.F. Chang's.

She casts all types of commercials—industrials, VOs, print, webisodes, and much more. Allynn has taught all over New York City and loves meeting new actors.

Katie McGrath, Junior Voiceover Agent, Innovative Artists
At this powerhouse agency for over two years, Katie works in voiceovers for television, radio, industrials, video games, foreign language, promos, narration, and animation.

With full power to call actors in, she's currently interested in meeting voiceover actors of all ethnicities and all types (18+). She is particularly interested in voiceover actors who can do character voices, blue-collar/gruff voices, as well as accents and those who are multilingual. She will accept demos.

Candi Milo, Actor
Candi Milo is an Annie-nominated voice actor who is the voice of Dexter from "Dexter's Laboratory," Maya from "Maya & Miguel," Astroboy, and Coco, Cheese, and Madame Foster on "Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends," among hundreds of other cartoon voices.

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