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Sen. seeks exit from SAG issue

though the tentative franchise agreement reached last week between the Screen Actors Guild and the Association of Talent Agents has pitted SAG presidential candidate Melissa Gilbert, who supports the agreement, against opponent Valerie Harper, who opposes it, California Senate President Pro Tem John Burton, D-San Francisco, who chaired the Senate Select Committee on the Regulation of Talent Agents, appears ready to remove himself from the controversy. "The theory is -- assuming there is unanimity, and hopefully it is not a 51-48 board vote -- then I don't think that it is our place to second-guess it," said Burton, who, like almost everyone, had not yet seen the specifics of the actual deal. Burton chaired informational hearings in October that investigated whether the agents' financial interest proposal would be in violation of current state law. "Right now we have a $17 billion state budget deficit, and it won't break my heart if this issue goes away," Burton sai

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