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Showbiz Parents Seminar

2:00-3:30 p.m. -- 9th Fl. Room #C937

Thinking of putting your child into show business or confused about where to turn for advice as a stage parent? Don't miss this informative seminar to guide you through helping young performers and their parents, hosted by the Actors' Network.

Speaker: Actors' Network Instructor Paula Price.

With an introduction by Kevin West, Founder of The Actors' Network.


Paula Price
In addition to being a mother of two -- one of whom is already booking commercials -- Price has written, produced, and starred in an award-winning short film Five Wishes; created a loop group, the WalkieTalkies (currently merging with another group to form 3 Beeps); and co-created two sketch-comedy troupes and a theatre company. She has been in many indie films, including the recent Little Athens; commercials and print, many of which are now with her children; and TV, including General Hospital.

She recently helped launch an entertainment website,, and can be heard as the voice on all of the Pfizer medical tutorials. For the Actors' Network's new Parents n' Kids division, she teaches parents about the business aspects of their children's careers. She hails from Cincinnati, where she started out in musical theatre.

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